Welcome to BBL Hero Facial Event, which is one of the most powerful treatments for naturally reversing the signs of ageing.

Recovery after Forever Young BBL™

Following the treatment, patients may experience a mild red or flushed appearance, which typically subsides within a few hours. In the case of pigmented skin, the treated area may initially darken, gradually fade, and eventually shed, typically within 1 to 2 weeks. Most patients report minimal discomfort during the procedure, and there is no need for recovery or downtime.

Maintaining your results

During my extensive research to identify the finest laser system available, it became evident that offering a skin care line of equally exceptional quality for both pre- and post-laser treatment was essential. In our practice, we have selected the ZO Skin Health line as one of the top-tier skincare product ranges on the market. Dr. Zein Obagi's kits have proven indispensable for preserving and maximizing the results achieved through the Forever Young BBL™ treatment.

Forever Young BBL™ overview

During the Forever Young BBL™ treatment, advanced infrared invisible light technology is harnessed to deliver noticeable complexion enhancements to the outermost skin layers while simultaneously rejuvenating aging skin cells at the molecular level within the dermis. Notably, this cutting-edge technology sets itself apart by its ability to effectively target a wide range of areas across the body, encompassing the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. Following a recommended series of sessions, our patients invariably witness remarkable age-defying outcomes, resulting in a more radiant, evenly-toned complexion.

Personally, I enthusiastically endorse Forever Young BBL™ for addressing various aesthetic skin concerns, such as:

  1. Sun Spots
  2. Age Spots
  3. Fine Lines
  4. Rosacea
  5. Acne
  6. Skin Firmness, Elasticity, and Tone

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to explore the benefits of Forever Young BBL™ further.

BBL Forever Young™ Rejuvenation and Depigmenting Packages of 1 and 3 sessions at Bloom laser and aesthetic clinic. 04 October -19 October 2023, Dubai, UAE

What is Forever Young BBL Treatment?

Forever Young BBL what is this?

Forever Young BBL addresses aging skin by treating pigment, sun damage and rosacea for smoother, more even and vibrant skin and improved tone and texture. Forever Young BBL works by delivering light energy into the skin.

The only devise that been shown to change the expressions of genes associated with aging. With regular treatments your skin will be youthful looking and firm.

What happens during the sessions?

A consultation will take place so customers can discuss any concerns they may have. A clear treatment gel is applied on the treated area. Mild sensation of heat is normal during the treatment without meager pain or discomfort.

After care home instructions will be provided during consultation. The process is designed to stimulate skin cells and help to promote the production of elastin and collagen.

Which areas can be targeted?

BBL Forever Young™ is a highly versatiletreatmentthatcanbe used safely totreatthe face, neck, chest, back, and hands. In summary, it is the recommended secret to lookingyoung. For skin rejuvenation,Forever Youngremoves agespots,freckles, redness, small vesselsand more. 

What does aftercare involve?

For the first day, clients should use only cold or tepid water on the area and avoid applying make-up, lotions and products with harsh ingredients. Their skin may look slightly red but this will fade over the following few days.

Some individuals may also experience minimal bruising, scabbing, inflammation and other minor side effects. Aftercare routine involves skin hydration and sun protection.

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Achieving Flawless Skin with Our Products and Treatments

What is depigmenting laser facial?

Dermamelan/Cosmelan peel what is this?

This 20-30 minute treatment sees a selected area treated with q-switched laser in an effort to help target open pores, un even skin texture and tone and lessen the visibility of fine lines or dark skin around the eyes.

How to prepare?

Clients are advised to avoid the use of chemical creams, AHA cosmetics and exfoliants ten days before the treatment.

What does aftercare involve?

People should wash their face using only cold or tepid water for the first day, and avoid lotions and products with harsh ingredients. Their skin may look slightly red but this will fade over the following couple of days. There will be exfoliating effect and clients must follow with consistent home care routine. 

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