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Dermamelan Pack with home care kit Blue

Dermamelan Pack with home care kit Blue

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  • Dermamelan Pack: Combat hyperpigmentation effectively
  • Dual-Action Solution: Clinic treatment + at-home care
  • Pro-Grade Formula: Dermatologist-developed
  • Rapid Results: Visible reduction in weeks
  • All Skin Types: Safe for diverse tones
  • Lasting Even Tone: Gradual, continuous brightening
  • Free Delivery
  • Free one treatment as per your choice (Botox, Filler, Hifu)
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Online Free Consultation
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Skin hyperpigmentation is a common problem; up to 90% of adults aged over 50 suffer from hyperpigmentation, and it’s an increasing concern on a global scale, regardless of skin phototype or ethnicity. Proof of this is that skin spots are one of the most frequent reasons why people see a dermatologist which confirms that this aesthetic problem is a real issue for patients nowadays, and explains why they are seeking an integral and effective approach.

 Hyperpigmentation is caused by an alteration in melanin production, which leads to localized spots and irregular skin coloration.  Numerous external and internal factors, such as genetic tendency, sun exposure, inflammatory processes, hormonal changes, aging, exposure to chemicals or photosensitizing medication, might cause this alteration.

 Nowadays, many in-office aesthetic treatments are offered to eliminate undesired spots. However, most of them are focused on eliminating the visible spot but not on treating the root problem, the melanin hyperproduction. Therefore, spot reappearance may occur soon after the treatment is finished.

¬†dermamelan¬ģ works with a dual action; on the one hand, it is a corrective and depigmenting treatment, that eliminates existing spots. On the other hand, it is a regulator that controls melanin overproduction inside the melanocytes, preventing new spot formation or reappearance.

 This dual corrective and regulating action leads to short and long-term results. An all-around effective result. The dermamelan method’s dual action, both corrective and regulating, makes it a unique all-around treatment Its well-known efficacy and long-term results make dermamelan the go-to depigmentating product trusted by patients and professionals alike. depigmentation system. It has proven effective on all skin phototypes in every skin phototype (I-VI) and in all ethnicities, and also on all types of melanocytic spots: melasma, PIH (postinflammatory hyperpigmentation), solar or senile lentigo, or ephelides.

 The method consists of 4 treatment phases

 Phase I: Intensive depigmentation. In-office application of a mask with a powerful depigmenting effect. Phase II: Continuous depigmentation. Month 1: the patient must continue the depigmenting process at home, with the daily application of a depigmenting product, in order to guarantee optimum correction. Phase III: Pigmentation regulation. Month 2 and 3: it’s important to treat the root cause, controlling melanin production to prevent repigmentation. Phase IV: Reappearance control. Month 4 to 7: As the risk of developing skin spots is constant, the treatment prevents spots from reappearing, for longer-lasting results.

¬†dermamelan¬ģ key facts:

¬†LEADER IN DEPIGMENTATION:¬†Wide trajectory and distribution worldwide.¬†¬†UNIQUE, DUAL-ACTION SOLUTION:¬†corrective and regulating effect, eliminates pigmentation, and prevents recurrences.¬†¬†PROVEN RESULTS:¬†the results achieved in thousands of cases demonstrates its short and long-term efficacy.¬†¬†HIGH-DERMAL SECURITY:¬†rigorous studies demonstrate its safety profile and skin tolerance.¬†¬†HIGH PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION:¬†Thousands of professionals already trust the dermamelan¬ģ method to treat hyperpigmentation in their patients.¬†¬†CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:¬†results from the first week of treatment and long-lasting effects in more than 500,000 patients prove its quality and effectiveness.¬†